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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Building Parties & TinyRaisings

This summer, come learn to frame a house, wire a solar panel and explore sustainable design! I'll be hosting 5 weekend 'tinyraising' parties at the Governor's Academy. (1 Elm St. Byfield, MA. ) You're welcome to come for a morning or afternoon, or for the whole weekend.

I pledge a cooler eternally full of sodapop, a great BBQ dinner each Saturday night, and a lot of fun building with friends. The Buildings & Grounds team has generously lent me tools and space, and you're welcome to bring your toolbelt and friends if you like. If you're coming from out of town, I can help you find a place to stay. I'll start at around 9:00 each day and encourage trips to Plum Island for a swim when we need it! Come as you are and as you can.

Here are the weekends:

June 21/22
June 28/29
July 12/13
July 25/26
August 2/3

The site is the Savage Buildings & Grounds Facility, and I will be there most of the summer. You're welcome to drop by anytime to say hello, check out the project or spend a couple hours with a hammer. Email or call 978.758.1051 to let me know if you're coming or if you have more questions.

We'll be logging our progress here on this blog.

Finally, if you have any surplus building materials (windows, lumber, etc) that may be appropriate for the project, you're welcome to call or send an email; I'd love to be able to recycle your stuff.

I hope to see you this summer,